Great Walks of Vancouver

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My wife and I have been exploring the Greater Vancouver Region on foot for many years, usually with other members of the Valley Outdoor Association.. This has resulted in several books, the latest being Great Walks of Vancouver published in 2004 by Granville Island Publishing. Changes since 2004 are noted in Walks Update.
We have now extended our trips to the Sunshine Coast, to the Sea-to-Sky country of Squamish and Whistler, to the Gulf Islands, Nanaimo and Victoria and across the border to Washington State, including:
A ferry trip to Vancouver Island and a San Juan Cruise back.
A watery walk along the Matsqui Trail in Abbotsford.
A walk down Lawson Creek, following Brewis Trail and ending at Park Royal.
A day-walk from Fulford Harbour on Saltspring Island.
From Vancouver's Waterfront Station to Sandy Cove in West Vancouver.
Two walks along Whatcom Creek Trail.
Walk round Whistler Lake and up Mount Erie.
Go from Bellingham over Sehome Hill to Fairhaven and back along the waterfront.
Walk round Squires Lake and the Beaver Pond to Alger Alp.
Walk from Metrotown to Fraser Foreshore and back to Edmonds Station.
Hike on Bowen Island from Quarry Park to Cape Roger Curtis lighthouse.
Walk from Function Junction in Whistler to the remains of a train wreck.
Walk from Eastbourne to Keats Landing over Keats Island's High Points.
Bus trip to Anacortes to explore its Old Town, its Cap Sante and ferry to Guemes.
Reconnaissance of a Baden Powell Connector from the Trans Canada Trail.
Circuit in Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest to see Tantalus views.
Loop around South Galiano from the ferry to Matthews Beach, the Bluffs and back.
Hike to Mount Galiano from Sturdies Bay via the Bluffs.
Walk from Birch Bay through Semiahmoo to the border, going by bus and back on the historic MV Plover ferry.
Walk around Victoria's coast from the Empress to Ross Bay Cemetery.
Stiff hike from Langdale Ferry up Soames Hill and down the other side.
Walk from Function Junction to
Loggers Lake, going up one side of the Cheakamus River and back the other.
Hike over the peak of
Mount Parke on Mayne Island.
Hike of 300m elevation gain from Paradise Valley Road to
Butterfly Lake.
Lower level trail across Bowen from Bowen Bay to Snug Cove.
Exploration of
Jedediah Island, reached by water taxi from Madeira Park.
Trip to
Seattle by Bus, using public transit to go from the Peace Arch to Pike Place Market in Seattle.
alk from Halfmoon Bay to Secret Cove, outbound through woods, returning by a different route.
Walk from Eastbourne via
the north side of Keats Island to Keats Camp in the west.

We call our exploratory group the ABCD Club (Anke, Bev, Charles, Doris), shown below as CDAB:

We usually go on Mondays, perhaps taking bus to the start and a bus back from the end. Or we may.drop a car at one end and bus back to the start. We like to find new walks that the clubs do not usually offer.


June 2006  

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